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Optimize Complex Supply & Service Networks

Manufacturers rely on increasingly complex supply, distribution and service networks, spanning organizations, geographies and data systems. Ubiquiti AI lets you consolidate all your important information, including structured and unstructured data, kept in diverse systems, languages, and networks.

Once all information is consolidated, you gain unparalleled insights and efficiencies by using our world class Analytics, data mining, visualization, Forecasting, and predictive applications.

Here’s how it works:

Consolidate All Critical Data

Ubiquiti can tap into every source of data, including enterprise, internal and legacy systems (relational DBs, flat files, and other data systems) to clean, link and combine diverse data. In most cases, we help clients access sets of valuable data that is not being used.

Effortlessly Transform Unstructured Text with Ubiquiti AI

Our proprietary natural language processing algorithms extract all usable information, including unstructured text, sensor outputs, and legacy data. We process huge volumes of data in seconds, adding meaning and structure to every piece. Without Ubiquiti AI, the human effort required to perform these tasks is prohibitively expensive and error-prone.

Manage the Explosion of Sensor Data

Huge new volumes of sensor data, from remote telemetry and the Internet of Things, present organizations with novel data challenges and opportunities. Ubiquiti's applications can consolidate sensor readings and intelligently identify discrete events from continuous sensor data streams to power alerts, identify trends and derive value from this emerging source of data.

Gain New Insights by Integrating Service and Sensor Data

We help organizations integrate sensor, service, repair and warranty data to obtain a holistic picture of how their products are performing in the field. Prior to Ubiquiti, our clients could only guess at how each factor affected their business performance.

Uncover Network-Level Insights

Structured data is loaded into our technology platform, giving you unparalleled capabilities for understanding both big picture and detail-level trends. With access to more of your data, you can run more insightful analytics, perform deeper diagnostics, and generate powerful alerts and reporting.

The output from the Ubiquiti Analytics platform also drives comprehensive forecasting and predictive applications, including targeted marketing campaigns.

Ubiquiti’s platform lets you engage with your data in 4 primary ways:

  • Analytics - Consolidate and link rich, diverse datasets to uncover new insights and opportunities
  • Diagnostics - Tap into the collective knowledge of experts to quickly understand complex issues
  • Forecasting - Easily create accurate forecasts and predictions from large, noisy datasets
  • AI-Assisted Coding - Automate key steps in manual processes to vastly improve efficiency and accuracy

Ubiquiti AI helps manufacturers extract value from all types of data in more than 50 languages. Let's have a conversation about how we can help you.