Ubiquiti Inc. | Forecasting

Accurately Predict and Forecast Financial, Inventory and Marketing Variables

Backward-looking analyses let you see what happened and why, yet successful business decision-makers need to have confidence in their view forward. Ubiquiti’s AI-based Analytics and Forecasting applications identify the important factors within huge, complex datasets and use them to predict most-likely future scenarios. Accurately analyzing historical data lets you learn from past experience and make future business decisions with confidence.

Forecast Your Future

Credible, real-time forecasts are critical to the effective allocation of scarce corporate resources. Simply repeating past practices ensures you will miss important changes that can be identified within your data. Ubiquiti’s Analytics platform uses our proven AI technology to automatically identify the critical underlying factors within your business to deliver detailed, data-driven forecasts. It also lets you see how outcomes change across multiple ‘what if’ scenarios – especially useful for operational accrual and inventory decisions.

Next Level Predictive Marketing

Knowing how to inform and influence a prospect requires increasing levels of sophistication – consumers expect trusted vendors to know their preferences in detail, as well as anticipate and support their next decision. Ubiquiti’s ability to customize messaging and offers to specific customer circumstances drives unprecedented levels of trust, positive engagement and valuable conversions.

Ubiquiti helps leading enterprises create accurate, actionable forecasts with which to run their businesses. Let's have a conversation about how we can help you.