Ubiquiti Inc. | Diagnostics

Tap into the Collective Knowledge of Experts to Diagnose and Fix Issues Rapidly and Accurately

Data collected can serve as a valuable knowledge-base of the people, systems and events. Ubiquiti's artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions let businesses tap into this knowledge with rapid and accurate Diagnostic & Prescriptive applications. Our Diagnostics are easily setup with datasets from the automotive and healthcare industries.

Examples of our work include:

Vehicle Repair

Vehicle repair records contain the experience and knowledge of tens of thousands of expert mechanics. Our Diagnostics platform taps into this collective wisdom to help identify the most likely problems and recommend fixes, quickly and accurately. Our AI machine-learns more, and gets increasingly better, with every new repair order that gets processed. This technology drives CarBeast Insight - an AI utility that provides repair suggestions based on vehicle symptoms described in plain English.

Patient Care

A repository of healthcare records represents the collective wisdom of medical practitioners. Our AI can use symptoms, signs and patient attributes to suggest follow-up lab tests, identify diseases and possible treatments.

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