Data-Driven Software: The ABCs of Intelligence
(Artificial, Business, Collective Intelligences)
Spring 2019  Ubiquiti Info Exchange

Wednesday 27 March 2019 in Troy MI
(Full-day, followed by evening reception)
– By Invitation Only –

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Attend and participate in our Information Exchange for the latest & best in data-driven software. Discuss with industry experts and your professional colleagues to share ideas on using data to improve quality, cut costs, predict issues, identify opportunities, increase efficiencies, and more.  Learn from user experiences with Ubiquiti methods, tools, processes and technologies. Examine available means to use data for direct, positive, measurable, verifiable results.  Once again, we have widened the scope of session topics, and we invite Ubiquiti users and partners to make presentations and participate on panels.
As always, there is no cost to our invited attendees.

Our agenda will include:
  • Data-driven analytics, diagnostics and search
  • Computer-assisted coding, information mining
  • Early warnings, automated alerts, rapid insights
  • Data-based forecasting and communications
  • Updates on new Ubiquiti features and modules
  • Current Industry issues, trends and updates

Our event is at no cost to attendees, but it is by invitation only. If this invitation is more suited to someone else at your organization, please contact Ubiquiti. Seating is limited, and registration restrictions will apply.

The ABCs of Intelligence

Spring 2019
Ubiquiti Info Exchange

Wednesday 27 March 2019
8am - 5pm, Exchange Sessions
5pm - 7:30pm, Reception

Breaks etc. provided by Ubiquiti

Management Education Center
811 W. Square Lake Rd., Troy MI

As Before: Introductory tutorials will be presented on Ubiquiti software.  Data mining, handling narrative text, automated diagnostics, natural language processing, computer-assisted coding, AI-based quantitative machine learning, big data technologies etc. will be discussed.  Industry partners will present complementary data-driven technologies.  Panels will be held to foster discussion on current issues and best practices among the participants.  As usual, there will be ample opportunity to network with your professional colleagues.

Speakers include Ubiquiti customers and partners, and as such, attendees can interact with experienced users and learn from real-world use cases.

Click here for more detailed Agenda

Questions on the event?  Topic proposals?
Please email or call Ubiquiti at  (734) 994-3200.   We value your input!