Our last posting for Year 2009

December 31st, 2009 by Ubiquiti Categories: Uncategorized No Responses

Looking back at the events for this year, we also realized that we have been in business for almost a decade now. And it came to our collective minds that:

Ubiquiti is NOT one of the “Big Vendors”:

Ubiquiti does not provide hardware or IT personnel
(we work with your existing infrastructure and people)

Ubiquiti does not propose massive multi-$M projects
(but we provide proven solutions, provided you are willing to spend less)

Ubiquiti does not work on projects taking many years to complete
(but we do provide field-tested software within a few weeks)

Ubiquiti does not profit by contracting highly paid consultants
(but we get paid when our solution works for our customer)

Ubiquiti does not provide complex escalating tech support
(instead, we do ensure less than 24-hour turnaround times)

Ubiquiti has not had occasion to learn from failed projects
(since, during its decade, it has had 100% client satisfaction)

Ubiquiti does not provide selective customer references
(you can ask any of our many enthusiastic clients)