Ubiquiti Finds You Seek

Ubiquiti ontology-based search uses source datasets and the ontologies in use to direct queriesAs information around us grows, finding what is relevant has become increasingly important. It is not just a matter of organizing the information, but also one of locating the needed items rapidly. Ubiquiti’s core technologies, which include text mining and hierarchical organization of information using customized ontologies, provide rapid, easy, and accurate search capabilities.

Although many vendors offer search technologies, ranging from the inexpensive to very expensive, the problem of finding relevant information grows worse each day. The reasons relate to shortcomings in search utilities – for instance, the search system may not understand the intent of the user and return documents that are irrelevant, or the results may be relevant but without direction to specific locations within the documents. Too many or too few results are also a significant problem – what is needed is all and only the appropriate relevant information. Moreover, the search software may not be intuitive to use, and navigating a difficult interface prevents the finding of results quickly.

Previewed search results enable locating the correct information within the appropriate documents rapidlyQuick previews of search results, even down to the specific page, is available with diagrams and other information left intactActual search results also provide helpful highlighting based on the user search terms

In contrast, Ubiquiti search utilities are intuitive, accurate, relevant, and customized to specific usage environments. Starting with our well-regarded text mining technologies with proven success over many years, our search software indexes information with not merely words and phrases, but also the conceptual ideas from the customized ontologies specific to each environment that we develop and provide. Users can navigate conceptual levels within our interfaces optimized over many years, and find relevant information within the specific parts of each result document. Also, diagrams, tables and all user-visible aspects of each result document are displayed – not just the text results.

In short, Ubiquiti search utilities let you find relevant information rapidly, using customized information organization and automated text mining capabilities.