Ubiquiti for Intelligent Business

RADAR can group records in many different waysUbiquiti analytics software enables business intelligence for decision support, together with advanced data mining, text mining and alerting capabilities. Using customized domain-specific ontologies integrated into the analytics software for easier user-interactions, the desired results can be obtained quickly. The combination of structured and unstructured data, organized by the customer’s worldview of information, allows for easy navigation and analysis at meaningful levels of detail.

Ubiquiti solutions begin with ETL, or extract-transform-load, of raw data into any available database or repository for subsequent analysis. The raw data may come from geographically distributed and diverse sources, is often “messy” with the usual errors introduced during data-entry, has different formats and schema, and may be associated with heterogeneous systems. All such data is integrated and merged into a common dataset which can be analyzed easily. The data can include fields with narrative text comments in which different people have expressed the same ideas in different ways, and Ubiquiti ontologies help to integrate them into a common repository. In fact, different world languages are routinely handled by our customers using our linguistic technologies, and this is done without a need for laborious translations.

Data can be explored and analyzed, with hierarchical navigation and helpful built-in statistics displayed visually. Numerous automated sorting, charting, reporting – which can be sent out via alerts and emails – and drill-up & drill-down capabilities for easy analysis at different levels of detail in the custom-built ontology are available. Users can customize and print out the analyzed data with a few clicks. Complex business rules can be incorporated with simple interfaces to set them. Also, when and if a specialized feature is required, Ubiquiti software has a mechanism to provide custom-built features that can be deployed rapidly, typically in a day or two! And if customers so desire, our technologies can be integrated with other commercially available reporting, analysis and business intelligence packages.

Powerful data mining, the automated means to discover useful, usable patterns and outliers within data, is available in the Ubiquiti software suite. Important techniques, often unavailable in other packages, may be utilized. For example, temporal sequence mining can reveal patterns seen in event histories, and identify unexpected and/or unusual happenings over time periods. Differences in data distribution along various dimensions can be automatically tracked to inform users of particular data subsets that should be investigated more closely. And co-occurrences can be automatically assessed in order to find causal relationships among the data elements. Ubiquiti data mining technology development has been supported in part by the US government National Science Foundation.

Automated alerts can be set in Ubiquiti software to track and report all the diverse business intelligence features, including the data mining. This significantly reduces the overhead associated with manual user interaction and involvement, and helps to simplify tracking of important events that are reflected in the data. Many Ubiquiti customers have automated the processes of their data analysis, and thereby have created early warning systems that monitor the data as it arrives. Periodic or scheduled reports, as well as provision of on-demand information, reduce the need for manual monitoring of the data-streams. Our customers now spend their time addressing the business needs of correcting issues or capitalizing on opportunities as automatically alerted from the data – rather than spending laborious effort in sifting and sorting the often-messy data to find the needed information.

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