Ubiquiti Software Technologies

Ubiquiti provides several inter-related software technologies. Our technologies are well-regarded and in daily use at many organizations worldwide. Here, we exemplify some of our technologies.

Ubiquiti analytics software enables business intelligence for decision support, together with advanced data mining, text mining and alerting capabilities. Using customized domain-specific ontologies integrated into the analytics software for easier user-interactions, the desired results can be obtained quickly. The combination of structured and unstructured data, organized by the customer’s worldview of information, allows for easy navigation and analysis at meaningful levels of detail – more on Analytics…

Data collected in complex environments often represents a knowledge-base of experiences of people, systems and events. Often, ìwhat ifî analysis may be desired in order to gauge the effect of certain actions — without actually implementing the actions. Example datasets include vehicle repairs (the data may represent the collective experience of many technicians), patient records (which may provide information on epidemiology), and sales campaigns (which may reflect revenues affected by a large number of factors). Each of the datasets represents a wealth of information which could be used for predictive and prescriptive purposes. In these examples, we may want to use the stored knowledge as follows: with vehicle repairs data, to help identify the problem and the recommended repairs for a new vehicle repair case; with the patient records, help in diagnosing the ailment and a guideline to prescribe for a new patient encounter; with the sales data, help with designing a new campaign to increase revenues. Unfortunately, “what if” or predictive analysis is only as good as the mathematical models used. Attempts to model such data mathematically, and thereby leverage the collective knowledge, has been of limited value due to the inherent complexity of the systems. But Ubiquiti does better, more easily, much faster – more on Diagnostics…

As information around us grows, finding what is relevant has become increasingly important and also difficult. It is not just a matter of organizing the information, but also one of locating the needed items in one’s own specific context rapidly. Ubiquitiís core technologies, which include text mining and hierarchical organization of information using customized ontologies, provide rapid, easy, and accurate search capabilities – more on Search…

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