Rapidly Moving Experiences

Leveraging fleet and transport sector data with UbiquitiSeveral emerging technologies help with fleets and transportation of material goods and people. Automated sensor-telematics networks, hand-entered data and software-generated information together represent large datasets that provide a wealth of knowledge to be mined for increased efficiency and productivity.

Easily built & maintained ontologies help organize data in many ways - e.g., by nameplate for marketing, by platform for engineeringConsider the transportation fleets of rental cars, leased trucks and airlines. Each organization has many vehicles to be tracked and maintained, for reasons of safety and efficiency. Data is collected during operations, such as by on-board computer sensor telematics and by personnel logs, and during on-going repairs noted by technicians. Such data is valuable to track efficiency, safety and to note trends – all are supported by Ubiquiti software technologies. Moreover, the knowledge-base inherently created by the archived data is very useful to assist in new instances of repair, maintenance and operation – again, Ubiquiti technologies help in this regard.

RADAR can group records in many different waysDifferential diagnostics can be displayed in several formats as shown here suitable for expert troubleshootingDifferential diagnoses and fixes link to repair tutorials, bulletins, and manuals

Transportation logistics require that vehicle downtime be minimized. Ubiquiti software helps identify the root-cause of problems, figures out needed fixes and resolutions, and provides quick access to expert knowledge needed to fix the ailing assets. The means to access and use information rapidly is made possible via Ubiquiti intelligent software technologies.