Touching the Intangibles of Industry

Ubiquiti technologies for the industrial economyUbiquitous computing and communications have allowed large datasets to be collected during the lifecycles of goods in the industrial economy. The physical movement of people and products, and the lifecycles of manufactured white and brown goods, represent sectors that generate and archive very large amounts of data. Needless to say, the Internet of Things has vastly amplified the amount of data gathered and made available for many uses. Now, it would be useful to leverage such data rather than to simply archive it.

Manufactured white and brown goods, such as home appliances and consumer electronics, have widely varying reliability and repair needs. Consumers’ sentiment and their continued patronage of a brand can depend crucially on the reliability of the goods, and with easily accessible discussion forums, bad experiences become widely known quickly. Available records kept on repairs and reliability are well-suited for automated Ubiquiti data analysis in reporting trends, predicting problems, and detecting emerging issues. Also, the knowledge-base represented in such data assists in the rapid diagnosis of root-causes and suggested corrective actions and repairs. Ubiquiti’s text analysis capabilities and its use of customized domain-specific information organization are particularly effective in leveraging such available data.

Automated alerts trigger when different datasets diverge in comparisons over diverse distributionsActual search results also provide helpful highlighting based on the user search termsEasily built & maintained ontologies help organize data in many ways - e.g., by nameplate for marketing, by platform for engineering

Ubiquiti software technologies help the manufactured goods industry in several ways. For the installation, training and repair of appliances, easy and intuitive access is available to end-user and technical manuals. In a similar way, search and access of component, part, sub-assembly and item catalogs is made possible. Feedback and online discussions may be assessed for valuable customer insight using our analytical tools. For the actual utilization, maintenance and repair of appliances, our diagnostics utilities help capture the experience and expertise gathered from a variety of sources to provide rapid automated assistance.