Insights Into Your Information

Ubiquiti helps leverage information-rich environmentsMany industries benefit from Ubiquiti’s semantics-based information access and analysis software technologies. Endeavors, which otherwise involve tedious human-intensive labor to sift and sort large quantities of data, are now addressed with relative ease with our intelligent technologies. Applications abound, as exemplified below.

Online human interaction, well beyond email, has exploded by way of forums, blogs and chat facilities – and just about every conceivable activity is analyzed and dissected at these venues. This rich source of collective wisdom of the crowds is ideal to gauge the public mood and sentiment analysis by text mining, and thereby, to provide intelligence for marketing, sales and outreach to customers. By providing domain-specific customized ontologies together with our software which can sort, chart, report and alert analysts on the trends, Ubiquiti helps leverage these information-rich environments.

Ubiquiti's text-based decision support helps identify key information for specific sectorsFinance sector activities need rapid responses, and the adage of time being money is never more true. Computerized trading models not only utilize technical analysis, but also, the fundamental analysis takes into account the news and the market sentiment. Various regulatory filings and financial news need to be gauged for decision-making. Ubiquiti’s text-based decision support helps identify key information for specific sectors, and its business intelligence software helps slice & dice available data for better-informed decisions.

Increased people interactions via computing and communications also suggests that regulatory and law enforcement efforts must monitor and identify cases of abuse or unsocial behavior. Such needs of e-discovery require that domain-specific and customized terminologies be used to track interactions reflected in the data. Ubiquiti’s focused software utilities help to search and pinpoint problems and issues seen in online behavior. In fact, by linking together data from diverse sources including the news as well as structured information, a comprehensive view becomes available.

Collecting, collating, clustering and searching through voluminous documents is typical in legal environments. Related efforts, such as patent research, involve numerous large documents which have specialized information content. Again, Ubiquiti text mining helps with the otherwise time-consuming efforts. Our software is configured for the specific domains of use – where, unlike generic techniques, information content is accurately disambiguated by the context of use. Coupled with our business intelligence utilities, a comprehensive means to store, retrieve and mine legal information is now available.