Webinar Summary: “Universal Data Translation”

March 27th, 2013 by Ubiquiti Categories: News No Responses

Our webinar served the main purpose of describing our approach to handle disparate automotive repairs, warranty, test, maintenance and safety data uniformly. The original data sources have different formats, geographies, codes, world languages, technicians’ descriptions, and content. Data from all the diverse sources are “translated” by Ubiquiti into a single set of “universal codes” using tech-story and/or OE codes. Also discussed were the analytics etc. as may be applied to such consolidated data.

The audience reflected vehicle Supplier manufacturers, OEMs, fleets, and dealer groups. They asked several questions, some of which were quite detailed and specific. These questions were addressed by our panel of experts.

Those interested in our presentation should feel free to contact us at Ubiquiti.

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