Ubiquiti announces our Fall ’11 Ubiquiti Meeting

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By Invitation Only

Our upcoming “Info Exchange” session will be held on 1st Nov. 2011, right after the OESA event (see links below), and at the same venue in Troy, Michigan. There is no charge for participants for the Ubiquiti sessions, and lunch & breaks etc. will be provided.

The current agenda includes:
* Technologies to address “No Trouble Found”
* Early Warning using Automated Alerts
* Techniques to help in Globalization Issues
* New features using Ubiquiti software

Also, Mr. Eric Arnum of Warranty Week (see http://warrantyweek.com )
will provide an update on Automotive Warranty Trends.

Here is more on our Info Exchange session:

Meeting one-pager at: OnePager.pdf

Detailed agenda at: Agenda.pdf

When: 11am to 4:30pm, including Lunch & Breaks provided by Ubiquiti, Tuesday 1st Nov 2011

Begins after OESA Warranty Council session on OEM Warranty Programs, see http://oesa.org/OESA-Event-Details/Comparative-Analysis-of-OEM-Warranty-Programs.html

Where: Troy, Michigan – see http://www.mectroy.com

Venue: Management Education Center, 811 W. Square Lake Rd., Troy, MI

Register at http://www.ubiquiti.com/meetings/fall2011/register or by email to team@ubiquiti.com

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