Spring ’11 Meeting: Summary

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The Spring 2011 Ubiquiti Information Exchange Meeting, held in early May 2011, continued the themes from our earlier events (eg, see Summary for our 2010 Meeting). We had external and internal speakers who provided insight into managing and leveraging the continuing deluge of data & information.

Ubiquiti provided brief overviews of its core software technologies and products, illustrated with a few real-life cases. These included concept-based Search, Diagnostics, and Analytics technologies. As also mentioned, a concept-based Search for the WarrantyWeek website, and similar utility for NHTSA data, will be made available for free public use by Ubiquiti soon. A major automotive Supplier representative spoke on their approach to Early Warning tracking based on Alerts in the Ubiquiti system. The external speakers’ presentations are described below. The day was rounded off by a panel discussing various current issues and best practices – and an interesting related topic that emerged was that of suppliers obtaining the repair histories for vehicles in an easy manner.

Mr. Eric Arnum of Warranty Week described the current trends in the automotive sector, and indicated the positive and negative trends. It was mentioned that there are clear indications of quality improvement seen overall based on the general downward trends in warranty costs, but that there is increased pressure on certain sectors of the industry to pay greater shares of the costs. The presentation slides are available by clicking here.

Dr. David Cole, Chairman Emeritus of the Center for Automotive Research, spoke on current & future trends in the automotive industry. He sees renewed interest in, and a resurgence in the importance of, the automotive sector – which is particularly good given the relatively recent poor economic news. Giving several examples, he illustrated how the industry is changing, and becoming faster and better. He also touched on the importance of innovation, but highlighted the difficulties in bringing those to bear in the automotive sector. Dr. Cole’s presentation is available by clicking here.

Prof. Khargonekar, Eckis Professor and Dean Emeritus of UFL, described the technical details of the machine-learning approach for rapid online diagnostics based on the knowledge represented in stored repairs data. Having briefly introduced the problem and opportunity, he described the solution techniques used in Ubiquiti’s approach – which was also accompanied by a demonstration of the software. Prof. Khargonekar’s presentation is available by clicking here.

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