Fall ’11 Meeting: Summary

November 4th, 2011 by Ubiquiti Categories: News No Responses

Our Fall 2011 Ubiquiti Info Exchange, held on 1st November 2011, went into more details of Ubiquiti analytics software technologies. Our external speaker, Mr. Eric Arnum, provided an update on Automotive Warranty Trends. He reiterated that clear indications of quality improvement are being seen overall based on the general downward trends in warranty costs, and the increased pressure on Suppliers to pay more of the warranty costs are evident. The presentation slides are available by clicking here.

Ubiquiti provided brief overviews of its core software technologies and products, illustrated with a few real-life cases. These mainly covered our Analytics technologies. As demonstrated during the presentations, Ubiquiti plans to make available a concept-based Search for NHTSA data, and we are examining the legal aspects to ensure this can be provided.

Toward the end of the sessions, a joint presentation previously shown at a conference was described. This presentation addressed NTF issues by Data Mining whereby significant moneys were saved by a major automotive Tier-1 Supplier. The level of interest in the topics covered was evident by the presence of a majority of the 70+ participants who stayed till the close of the Info Exchange sessions.

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