Fall ’09 Ubiquiti Meeting: Summary

October 30th, 2009 by Ubiquiti Categories: News 6 Responses

The Ubiquiti Meeting – held this Wednesday 28th Oct.’09 in Ann Arbor MI – had about 40 participants all told. The organizations represented included the OEMs (Chrysler, GM, Ford, Navistar, John Deere), the Suppliers (Autoliv, Continental Corp., Yazaki, Magna Int’l, Federal-Mogul, Visteon, Dura Auto, Freudenberg-NOK, SMR Reflectec), our software tech partner (HCL America), the US Army TARDEC/TACOM, and some consulting companies.

Presentations were made on some newer Ubiquiti technologies, but Continental Corp. did not make a presentation as planned earlier (due to corporate-level considerations). Our new software tech partner, HCL America made a presentation on their Warranty Solution. Perhaps most notably, this time round, there was a significant level of participant interaction, and thoughts were freely exchanged. Some points that we were able to pick up included the following:

– Suppliers are requesting more data from OEMs, since there is greater expectation in joint resolution of issues identified.

– The number of parts of an organization affected by repairs and warranty processes is surprisingly large (eg, Engineering, Quality, Financial, Sales & Marketing etc.).

– Ubiquiti customers are generally happy with our Analytics software (and that’s good, of course).

– Ubiquiti Diagnostics software needs to take into account Fixes in-place (eg, in new Model Years etc.), and bias results based on these fixes. Also, process-related aspects need to be considered in Diagnostics, since they represent significant challenges & opportunities.

– At least three organizations (two Suppliers and one OEM) indicated an interest in Ubiquiti’s Trial/Demo and Limited-Feature software for use (and interested groups are requested to check back for an announcement here about availability and other details within 1-2 weeks).

We may have missed some important points in the above, and do feel free to post them on this forum. Thanks to all participants, and Ubiquiti looks forward to our next Meeting (which will be in Yr. 2010).

  1. Paul Garand says:

    Will HCL prvide the services to automate the download of warranty data from the various OEM websites, and do they have experience in doing this?

    • As far as we know, various Suppliers that download the data from OEM websites (in the automated manner that we described) do so themselves. Ubiquiti has helped set up automated downloads for several Suppliers (and perhaps some of the Suppliers can respond to your posting themselves). Certainly Ubiquiti has experience to help with this, and perhaps HCL does as well (and they may be contacted about it directly). Note that HCL and Ubiquiti interact with customers independently – we have partnered (and non-exclusively so) with regard to a larger Warranty Solution that HCL offers. Do feel free to contact HCL directly for information in the context of warranty data downloads. Meanwhile, we will be in touch with you directly as regards what Ubiquiti can offer in this regard.

  2. Andrew Pawlowski says:

    Some of my thoughts/conclusions from the Meeting:

    Ubiquiti Search tool
    It would be a great tool for searching for known issues through all TSB’s. The shortcomings are that one has to load all the TSB’s into the system, and this continuously changes; and that the search text is better phrased in the form of solutions (e.g., tighten bolt vs. loose bolt), as those are more prevalent in TSB’s; and we more normally searching for issues rather than solutions.

    Tech Assist tool
    This tool is targeted to the repair technician. But it seemed to me that this tool would be good to help highlight issues with Diagnostic Tree information, to help improve that documentation quickly as the model year progresses.
    It also seemed to me that inputting any/all TSB information into this tool would help improve its accuracy more quickly than simply waiting for enough repair records to be collected. In a way, I see this tool could be a good conduit for communication between Engineering and the Repair Technicians.

    • Actually, the Search Tool is like any other search utility in that the documents (e.g. TSB’s) are just sitting in the file system, and the search utility indexes and allows access to them. This is not unlike Google – you do not need to load web pages into Google. The web pages are indexed, searched and retrieved on demand.

      And your point about the TechAssist tool makes sense.

      • Stephan Phillips says:

        In response to Andrew’s point above,
        Has Ubiquiti thought about providing a google-like interface to the search portion of your utility?

        As simple as a “Load records” button, a search box, and a “Go Find my stuff” button.

        • Actually – yes. That is, we ourselves did (having heard from a few users). And we have a mock-up to show how it may appear in our interfaces – we ran out of time during the Ubiquiti Meeting, and did not show it for feedback. It combines our IR Search (ie, Google-like search) with the Analytics interface. A link to the mock-up is: Search Mock-up

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