Fall ’09 Ubiquiti Meeting: Preliminary Announcement

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Request to attend at  http://www.ubiquiti.com/registration/

Ubiquiti will host its Fall ‘09 Meeting at the Dahlmann Campus Inn, Ann Arbor MI. As in the past, we expect an exchange of ideas, user-experiences, understand how our software is used, demonstrate our new technologies, obtain inputs on improvements, run tutorials etc. Our Meeting will span the entire Wednesday 28th October 2009 – including basic and advanced material.  We hope you are able to attend and participate.

Ubiquiti plans to demonstrate new products for Intranet Search, and for Prognostics & Diagnostics in the morning session, and discuss Analytics in the afternoon session. Also, several Case Studies illustrating significant cost savings and other benefits will be described in detail in both sessions.

The Ubiquiti Meeting is by invitation only, and is at no cost to the participants.

When: Wednesday 28th Oct. 2009, 8am to 4pm, including breakfast, lunch and breaks (provided by Ubiquiti)

Campus Inn Location

Campus Inn Location

Where: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Dahlmann Campus Inn
615 East Huron Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Phone: +1 734 769.2200
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(Ample On-site Parking provided)

If you would like to attend, we do request you to let us know well in advance (in order that we can get an accurate headcount for arrangements as well as to prepare the distribution materials etc.).

Request to attend at http://www.ubiquiti.com/registration/

(Short descriptions for topics will be posted in the next blog update.)

Campus Inn

Campus Inn

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