Automating Data Downloads

December 8th, 2009 by Ubiquiti Categories: News No Responses

When an organization does not own the data (eg, Suppliers to OEMs in the automotive sector), it will need to obtain the data from several sources – before any searching, analytics, mining etc. can be done. Often, this takes surprisingly long, since one must set up various filters, and then wait for data to download. However, it is quite easy to use “macro” software to automate such downloads (and several Ubiquiti customers have been doing this successfully). And the macro software packages cost as low as under $50 one-time (and usually only a single install is needed). This also centralizes the data acquisition (which may save money in terms of the needed licenses, in case the data providers charge for access to their data). The effort to set up and maintain such software is relatively small (more so when one considers the alternative manual effort needed), and Ubiquiti has helped some of our customers do so. It is somewhat surprising that even with these options available, many organizations still expend time & energies in downloading data manually, instead of automating most of this effort – perhaps our readers have insight into why this may be so?

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